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What is Malik Infotech Inc?

Malik Infotech is a Splunk-focused Big-Data consulting company. We are your one-stop-shop for Splunk Professional Services including:

What does Malik Infotech Inc. do best?

Our flagship product is the guaranteed Splunk Health Check Program in which Malik Infotech Inc.'s engineers use our proprietary Splunk app, combined with in-house expertise, to detect, catalogue, and prioritize a multitude of possible errors, search inefficiencies, and other "unbest practices" that are degrading your Splunk infrastructure performance or even mishandling your data, which leads directly to incorrect results and erroneous analysis. After our 3-part analysis (covering Architecutre, Data Integrity + User Behavior), we work with your engineers to correct these errors and to create "best-practices" documentation and training in order to reduce the likelihood of any recurrence. Most customers schedule periodic followups to ensure that things continue to run correctly and efficiently in the future. Any company that has been using Splunk for any length of time probably has so many of these problems that this service can pay for itself by delaying or even eliminating large CapEx costs through the rejuvenation of your existing infrastructures as-is. This service will identify and correct the following common problems, among many others: